We foster and develop collaborative partnerships with organizations, initiatives, and individuals seeking to create positive change. Whether, in the marketplace, on campus or in the community, we can help you build effective strategies and programs engaging with the public in genuine and meaningful ways. In other words, we are drawn to projects and people seeking to make the world a better place through products, services, events, and innovative programming!

Andy Cutler

Andy Cutler is an award-winning communicator with 20+ years of experience helping clients tell their story on a hyper-local and international level. He is a leading authority on effective communications on a budget, using social media to build a loyal online fan base organically, student|civic engagement. Prior to Cutler and Company, Andy served in a number of senior positions at Edelman, Feinstein Kean Healthcare (a division of OgilvyPR), Brigham and Women's/Faulkner Hospitals, Harvard Community Health Plan and the United Way.

Andy's work and journey have been featured in such publications and outlets as the Boston Globe, Brown Daily Herald, Copenhagen Post, GOOD, GoLocalProv, ecoRI news, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, WESA-Pittsburgh's NPR News Station, Providence Business News, Providence Journal, Providence Monthly, Providence Phoenix, Rhode Island Monthly and RI Future.

Andy is passionate about buy local campaigns, design, food, street art, stewardship and all things Radiohead, Sigur Ros, and Providence.

What people are saying

  • Andy is by far one of the most innovative connectors in the world! He quite literally has a "galaxy" of a network that he is able to leverage and share 24/7. He is a keen builder of relationships. Passion and people matter to Andy and he always finds a way to add a valuable contribution no matter the setting. He is a one-of-kind person with a unique gift to dream big and surround himself with others that do, too! I like to play in his "sandbox." You can take Andy's advice and counsel to the bank every time!

    Alice Wilder, Ed.D

    Education psychologist who knows the only way to make quality products for kids is to ask them. Blue's Clues, Super Why, Cha-Ching, Speakaboos, Amazon Kids. Fred Rogers Center Fellow. Emmy winner. Featured in Malcom Gladwell's, The Tipping Point.

  • I have known Andy for many years. He is an extremely strategic thinker, innovator, and always finds a creative way to execute on strategy. Andy is ahead of the curve when it comes to measuring college/university student perception of and engagement in the communities where they reside.

    Andrew Stavisky

    Senior Design Methodologist, Government Accountability Office (GAO) Adjunct Professor, School of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University

  • I had the privilege of working with Andy on a re-branding campaign. Not only does he have the skills and expertise necessary for the task at hand, he also possesses a keen understanding of the human experience critical to this process. He had insightful suggestions to get us started, valuable insight along the way, and thoughtful questions to keep us working and pushing for the best possible outcome. We are thrilled with the result, and know this had much to do with Andy's contributions.

    Vanessa Weiner

    Founder/Executive Director, The Center for Resiliency (formerly known as ResilientKids)

Events, Festivals & Experiences

We don't just help produce events — we create experiences with purpose.

Our achievements include working with students at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design in creating the preeminent conference on socially conscious design, Better World by Design. Since its founding in 2008, over 5,000 students, professionals and academics from six continents have participated in this event, which has led to a global movement within the world of socially conscious design.

In 2015, Oyster RI, LLC was launched to create eco-friendly culinary festivals celebrating civic pride and the buy local movement in Rhode Island. That same year, the Ocean State Oyster Festival was launched in an effort to create a greater sense of civic pride and awareness about Rhode Island's world class aquaculture industry, a day of commerce for Rhode Island's shellfish industry and support the work of the acclaimed environmental organization, Save the Bay. In 2016, Oyster RI launched the Ocean State Barbecue Festival in an effort to up the ante on New England's reputation in the barbecue culinary universe.

All of our events use compostable ware and we work in collaboration with The Compost Plant and the City of Providence's Office of Sustainability in an effort to divert trash from the local landfill and measure our environmental impact.

Image by Peter Cardoso
Ocean State Oyster Fest

Strategy & Storytelling

If you look at something hard enough, you can usually find an interesting story attached to it. We help individuals and institutions tell their story, inspire people to act, and inform the public.

Getting people's attention takes work. It may require research, content development, press materials, animation, video, or more. We can take your story and develop a strategic plan to extend its reach to the audiences you want to reach. Helping you craft a communications and outreach|engagement strategy and helping you execute that strategy is what we do best — no matter the audience! Engaging the public should not be left to chance. We can prepare you to maximize your efforts as well as reach.

Andy Cutler has over 20 years of experience working with local, regional and national news outlets. He has approximately 20,000 followers across social network platforms.

Speaking Engagements

Andy has presented at conferences and in classrooms around the world. He has addressed the topics of innovation, entrepreneurship, communications, network activation, citizen diplomacy and civic leadership. He has been a featured presenter at Better World by Design, Q Commons and PR Newswire's webinar series. He has served as a guest lecturer at the Brown University, Bryant University, IT University of Copenhagen, Johnson & Wales University, KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, Providence College, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and Yale University.

To schedule Andy to speak at your next conference|event, please contact him at andy@cutlerandcompany.com.

Smaller Cities Unite!

Smaller Cities Unite!

In 2013, we launched Smaller Cities Unite! as a platform to connect creative talent living in cities with approximately 500,000 or less residents. Our network numbers in the thousands from places like Providence (RI), Pittsburgh (PA), New Haven (CT), Columbia (MO) and Copenhagen. In 2015, we launched a pilot summer residency program focusing on the creative spirit.

Public presentations on Smaller Cities Unite! have been made in Providence, Pittsburgh, Copenhagen and Tampa.

Social Media

We don't use "bots" or apps to shortcut building loyal followers across social media platforms. We use proven methods to grow your followers and fan base by engaging with the audiences you care about most. We rely upon analytics and activity to show our results. So, whether you are trying to get people to go to attend an event or see what communities are thinking, we can help you a build a strategy to reach and connect with those that matter to you most in meaningful ways.

We offer social media training for organizations that would like to engage their employees in getting out the message. We also coordinate|facilitate social media meet ups within communities to communicate to the world what positive things are happening in your city.

Student Engagement

We are passionate about finding new ways to acclimate and integrate college|university students based on our work in Providence, Rhode Island. We have mentored hundreds of students committed to their own personal passions and have guided them on how to achieve their goals in an expedited manner. Our students have gone on to work in student government, IBM and Google; launch new businesses out of the Y Combinator and Betaspring acclerator programs; and, have been recognized on CNN.

If you want to learn more about our platform for engaging students, please contact us at andy@cutlerandcompany.com.

What people are saying

  • I had the great pleasure of first meeting Andy while working on the A Better World by Design Conference in 2011. He introduced himself as an advisor but quickly became a mentor and we have been very close ever since. I've never met anyone more dedicated, passionate, and community driven. Andy is a connector of people and ideas and is able to use his strategic and analytical skills to bring things together that otherwise wouldn't be possible. Most of all, Andy's commitment to opening his network and resources to others, particularly students, is next to none. Any project would be better served with Andy Cutler on their team.

    Mark Towill

    Co-Founder & Principal at 55 South

  • We completed a very successful conference (Hybrid Higher Ed: Creating the Classroom of the Future), as well as an initial branding and outreach session. Andy's social media prowess and content strategy counsel led to a sold out venue and created a set of sessions that have, to this day, received only highly favorable comments. We've already been approach about partnering for the next event with successful enterprises that see the value-add in what we created. I credit Andy with helping us at the highest level create that value-add. His session alone (5 Ways to Hack Higher Ed) was acknowledged by attendees as "worth the price of admission." I'd welcome the chance to work with Andy again on any new enterprise.

    M. Cary Collins

    The Michael A. Ruane Endowed Chair in Business Innovation & Director, The BEIC, Providence College

  • Andy is a skillful change agent who is a master at using communications and social/digital media to woo the interest, engagement, and support of many. I have worked with Andy on numerous projects and am consistently impressed with his grounded optimism, knowledge-rich (local and global) network, and die-hard commitment for being the change he wants to see in improving local education and growing the Rhode Island economy. Through Smaller Cities Unite! Andy is putting Rhode Island on the world map in ways that benefit us all, and his generosity in mentoring other great ideas to innovations is second to none (seriously)!

    Jen Hetzel Silbert

    Senior Project Manager, Opportunity@Work

  • Andy and I collaborated on a communications project in which he was highly creative, organized and strategic in his approach. As I've observed his work over the years I am consistently impressed by his talent, his ability to connect people, and his generosity of spirit.

    Emily Hall

    Senior Associate|Director of Marketing & Business Development, Union Studio

  • Andy has completed several projects for YANA as the Partner at Cutler & Company and I have also seen firsthand the remarkable, connective and driven work Andy has done with Smaller Cities Unite! As in every case, Andy brought and continues to bring professionalism, progressive thinking, punctuality and a caring human touch to each and every endeavor. Every business would be better off with Andy Cutler.

    Wayne Grover

    Founder/CEO, YANA

  • Andy has been a great mentor to me since I started interning for him this spring. I am constantly impressed with Andy's networking skills and ability to multitask. He's great at giving career guidance and has helped me to grow and develop my skills as a writer and communicator. I would recommend Andy to anyone who is looking for an internship. Interning with Andy has helped me get the most out of my time and hard work, and has opened up doors for my future.

    Nicole Hensler

    University of Rhode Island, Communications Studies and Public Relations

  • Andy is a wonderful mentor and advisor. Since we began working together in the fall semester at Providence College he has continuously challenged me to look at challenges (and solutions) in new ways. Andy's best characteristic is his approach to creative problem-solving, which has served many students well. I look forward to our continued work together.

    Francisco Oller

    Providence College, Business Management, Executive Vice President, Student Congress

  • There is no greater advocate for Rhode Island's design and creative communities than Andy. He has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the talent that exists in Rhode Island to state leadership as well as global audiences. Andy is the personification of community stewardship!

    Kelly Taylor

    Principal, Kelly Taylor Interior Design Founding Board Member, DesignxRI + Design Week RI